Why not?

You Tube. So many options. Want to learn how to grow tomatoes? There’s a You Tube video for that. Need to know how to change a tire? Yep, probably on You Tube. There are You Tubes for video games, for meditation tracts, for TV show bloopers, for cooking, and now our son has one also. Why not?

His take on a late night talk show started just two weeks ago, but the idea has been brewing for a while. He started watching Dude Perfect do stunts, watched gamers playing Minecraft & loved the SGN (Some Good News) channel that was popular during the pandemic. He’s always been a little dramatic, ever since he was a kid. This year, he got into the One Act play and loved it. His acting classes are some of his favorite. He came up with the idea for the channel on his own. He picked “The Unspecified Show” so he is able to adjust it as he goes. He designed his sign, re-painted the room, found the desk and chair, adjusted his set up and has two shows recorded. Of course, he is wearing a suit. He has plenty to chose from. He’s an old soul with a heart of gold. Will he become “You Tube Famous?” Why not?

How often do we dream of someday or what if? My son decided not to wait for “someday” and to take the plunge now. Try something new. Do something fun. Spread some joy and positivity. I admire him. It’s probably one of the strangest things about parenting – being in awe of your children as they become adults. For some reason, I wasn’t fully prepared for it, but it’s happened with both boys. Seeing them do something they love, that lights them up and makes their eyes sparkle – that’s true magic. It reminds me of the possibilities we have, but we often forget as we age. What would happen if we said, “Why not” a little more often?

I wish you peace on your journey of enough. Take a chance, try something new. Why not? Oh, and check out “The Unspecified Show” on You Tube. He’d love to get some more views and subscribers.

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