About Mavis

Mavis (Bakkegard) Frueh is originally from Kindred, ND. She went to college at UND for 2 years, and then came to her senses (as some would say), and finished her degree at NDSU in Fargo. While in college, she and Cameron started dating and fell in love. They were married in 1995. Mavis is currently a supply chain analyst for 3M & Cameron is a paraprofessional at an Alexandria, Mn school. Together, they have 2 sons, Dallas and Myles.

In December, 2014, Mavis went in for a routine mammogram. She had just turned 41, but started getting checked early due to a family history (3 aunts on dad’s side, 1 on mom’s side). “Something doesn’t seem right – come back in for an ultrasound” the nurse said. Ultrasound turned into biopsy. December 9th, 2014 the call came. “I’m not sure how to tell you this, but the biopsy results show that you have breast cancer”, said the Dr. This sparked a series of doctor visits, tests, MRI, more biopsies, lumpectomy, radiation and hysterectomy. Currently considered ‘cancer free’, Mavis is hoping that her journey will inspire and inform others.


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