Fifty five cents…

Last week, my dad turned 80. Since he will be starting radiation soon, and he was already high risk, a party was not an option. So, I checked Pinterest for birthday ideas. I think that’s where I found the idea of sending out 80 letters, in hopes of getting 80 birthday greetings back. My sisters were on board with the idea. I sent the letters to friends and family and friends of family. While my son was bowling, I wrote out envelopes so people could mail the greeting to my dad. I posted a request to a few more friends who sent cards.

Envelopes started coming… some from people he didn’t know. I made this wall hanging (with the help of my hubby), so they could hang the greetings on the wall. When I was going through cancer, I kept all of the notes people sent me. It was a visual reminder of love and support. It kept me going some days. I wanted him to see that support too.

Something happened that I didn’t plan on. People did more than just sign their names. They wrote messages to him. What a blessing! Too often we wait to say things to people we care about. I’d rather have people tell me what I mean to them while I’m alive instead of waiting until I’m gone.

80 years isn’t a given. It’s not something everyone gets to celebrate. My dad has had 2 open heart surgeries, a stent in his artery, diabetes and now prostate cancer. 80 years was certainly not a guarantee. I’m so glad people took part in our little project and put smiles on the faces of both my parents.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We know we won’t live forever, but we don’t know when our time is up. Don’t wait to tell people you love them. This week, I’ll be writing a letter to a friend with terminal cancer. Today, I mailed a card to my friend’s grandma for her 95th birthday, and a 50th anniversary card to another friend’s parents. A stamp is $0.55. You can get cards at a DollarTree store or just write on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make someone smile. I think we all like to feel loved and remembered.

I wish you peace on your journey of enough (& 55 cents for the stamp.)

2 thoughts on “Fifty five cents…

  1. What a beautiful way of showing your father how much you love him. What a gift God has given your family, for your father to have lived an abundant life with his family and friends and for all his healing through prayer also. I pray for his treatments to be successful and rapid with as little side effects as possible. Have a blessed day.

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