Warrior… I like that

Today was my oncology follow up. Once again I was a little more nervous than I had prepared to be. Once again, I went alone… armed with my notebook of questions. I’m not sure what I was nervous about. I didn’t expect him to find anything. I think it’s because this wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place that puts those thoughts in my head.

Anyway, it went well. He didn’t find anything to be concerned about. Yeah!! Wheew. Once again, I’m relieved that I had a good report. I’ve been struggling with joint pain since November and I brought that up. All of the positive thinking wasn’t making it any better… and now I am attempting to run a half marathon? He suggested a week or two off my current meds and see if I notice a difference. If I feel better, then it was related to meds and he will switch me to a different kind of “anti-cancer/hormone” med. If it’s the same, then it’s menopause related. (Still no hot flashes though – hurrah!!) Dizziness/vertigo and pain in my foot – not sure what all of that is. Will see if either get any better.

Still having too many “what if” feelings, so I’ll meet with someone from Roger Maris to talk about ways of coping after cancer. Also found a saying that I like – referring to being a “warrior” instead of “survivor.” I kind of like warrior so here it is:

I wouldn’t say I’ve been through hell, but it was quite a year. Here’s to a great 2016. Peace be with you on your journey of enough. 

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