One foot in front of the other…

The cartoon movie “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” would play once every Christmas season when I was a kid. This was, of course, pre-cartoon network or movie channels on TV. There was a catchy tune that he sang to the Winter Warlock called “one foot in front of the other.” It went through my head a lot today, and I said it more than once. Today was my long run for the half marathon training with the Faster Stronger Runner group. I would need to go over 5 miles on my uncooperative foot. The first couple of miles was ok & I was able to visit some with fellow runners. Then my foot went numb and my hip hurt, so I walked a while.

I felt like there was such a battle going on in my head. Feeling not enough crossed my mind more than once. “Maybe I should just run at home instead.” “How am I going to go 8 more miles when it comes to May?” You get the idea. So I slowed down and allowed the feeling to come back into my foot. I became thankful that I’m able to walk/jog at all… It’s a privilege we often take for granted. My mind went back to last April when I broke my left foot – and I was thankful that I was no longer in a boot or using a knee scooter. And I reflected on all that I had overcome in the last year, & I was able to jog again.

An admitted introvert, sometimes this time alone is good for me. As long as I can steer towards the glass half full, it can be a time to recharge. I also found both a dime and a penny on my run- significant to me, symbolizing those who are watching over me. This made me a a little teary eyed. Even though I took a couple of wrong turns, I found my way back (with an added half mile “detour”.) It’s such a great group of people – very encouraging, never making me feel like I don’t belong. Running reminds me of pregnancy… At first you think, “I can do this.” Then is the “this sucks, I’m never doing this again” stage. Finally is the amnesia stage, “that wasn’t so bad, I can do it again.” By the time I was in the shower, I hit the amnesia stage.

So when asked how my run was, “I put one foot in front of the other.” And I did. And it was enough for today. Sometimes that’s all we can do. Peace be with you on your journey of enough.


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