Let’s not take life so seriously. Yesterday, my husband, Cameron, dressed up like a real live Elf on the Shelf and had pictures & video taken all around our school. He works at the school as a para, and when they asked if he’d dress up like the famous red Elf, he cheerfully agreed. Most people would say “that’s nuts”, or would be embarrassed that someone might see them.

Not Cam.

He was excited to do it. He knew that it would make people laugh & smile and maybe not take life so seriously for a moment. There comes a point in most people’s lives where they quit doing stuff like this… goofy, fun stuff just to make someone smile.

Not Cam.

I’m thankful that he’s still a big kid. Without his humor & positive attitude, the last year would have been more difficult. If I hadn’t had him by my side through my “cancer journey”, the path might not have looked the same. I would have laughed less, cried more & likely wouldn’t have recovered as quickly. But he WAS with me. He held my hand, made me laugh & kept me moving. Was he scared & worried? I’m sure he was. But he knows I’m a tough chick & he believed in me. He wore funny shirts to my Dr appointments & surgeries. He made the Dr laugh on many occasions.

We may be an unlikely couple, but we balance each other out. He makes life fun & I make sure he doesn’t go too far. Let’s take some time to make sure that our family feels like they are “enough” too. Merry Christmas!

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