Confessions of a “busy mom”

This last weekend flew by. Don’t they all? Time seems to speed up this time of year. Even though it was busy, I couldn’t shake the feeling of not doing “enough”.

We finally got our tree up on Saturday. We decorated the tree, went to work the concession stand at school & then went to a holiday party for work. Sunday morning we opted to skip the church kindergarten  program and instead, we went skiing. It’s easy to feel guilty for not going to church. Especially now that our oldest son is in confirmation. But my views on attendance has shifted in the last several years. Does he get more out of being forced to go, or does he get more out of enjoying God’s handiwork? Instead of sitting in a pew, he was skiing down a hill. He was enjoying the beautiful weather, getting a feel of his skiis against the snow cone like snow. He was testing out his skills (mini jumps), and gaining confidence with a dose of humility (falling). I doubt he felt very guilty. Instead he was thankful. My “almost 13” year old thanked us, without prompting, for taking them skiing. In my mind, that kind of makes God smile.

Instead of cleaning my house Sunday, I spent the day skiing too. My cluttered counter & piles of clothes would need to wait. If you come to my house on any random day, it will be a mess. It just is. It’s hard for me to accept that most days, but spending time with my kids trumps cleaning. And yet, it can make me feel like I’m not “enough”. In whose opinion though? My kids don’t care. Their friends don’t seem to. It’s just something that I feel like I should do more of. But then I look at my boys and get teary at the idea that they won’t be living here forever. And my counters stay messy and we go ski instead.

Please take the time to enjoy the Christmas season. Let Thanksgiving flow over from November and remind you to still be thankful. Even if it’s hard to be thankful, think of one thing a day that you are thankful for. It will start to shift your mindset and will likely make God smile. Your messy counters will wait. And, in case nobody told you, You ARE enough! Peace be with you on your journey.

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