Facebook started a thing where it reminds you of what you posted a year ago. Originally I thought this was cool. You could look back at what you posted last year or even several years ago. It was neat to see my boys as little guys instead of the young men they are becoming.

But then summer came and it reminded me of my brother in law, Jeff’s farm accident. It was tough to think back to that time. It was scary and all seemed like a dream. For those of you who are not close to me, he was driven over by a tractor and miraculously lived. He is even walking again. We referred to him as “the miracle man” or “Superman”. As tough as it was to be reminded of that time, there were many good things to follow… recovery, walking, a wedding and an announcement of a new baby on the way (first grandchild for him and my sister). Wheew, made it through that.

Then December came and after Dec 9th, my diagnosis date, I kept getting reminders of my cancer. A year ago, I announced my diagnosis. A year ago, I had an MRI. A year ago, I was meeting with several doctors, trying to figure out a plan. All reminders of what seems like a dream. A year ago, I was scared. But, a year ago, I was hopeful and positive that I would beat this. A year ago, I was thankful for the support of my family & friends and even strangers.

Life throws us curve balls every now and then. We just need to know how to react. If we have faith and stay positive, great things will come. I make it no secret that my faith in God helped to get me through my cancer journey. I learned to talk to him like another friend. I learned to ask for help when I didn’t feel strong. I asked him to watch over my family, and I thanked him. There was still so much to be thankful for. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but it did change me. I like to think I’m slower, more patient, and more trusting of his plan.

So, today I share with you my memory from a year ago. We all stood together, mom, my two sisters & I ready to “fight like a girl”…. And we did!

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