It’s free…

A very small number of people know that I had a bit of a scare in the last week or so. There was a red spot and some pain on my right side. Although I had my mammogram in January, it wasn’t going away and I don’t really want to take chances. They only do ultrasounds certain days in my town so I had to wait a week. I contemplated canceling the appointment because it was getting a little better, but I decided to go anyway.

The ultrasound tech was so kind. She complimented my shoes and talked about how she was thinking of getting a pair. She asked about my hair, if it was naturally curly. She talked about her friend’s curly hair and how she wished she had curly hair. She noticed my Valentine nails & we talked about those for a bit. She put me at ease. Kindness is free. She could have just done the ultrasound & sent me on my way. Instead, she validated my concerns, saw me as a person, not just another patient, and complimented three things about me. She asked several times if I was warm enough. She sat with me while we waited for the scan to be read in Fargo.

The scan showed it was ok…Probably just a skin blemish. She said the only “wrong” thing to do is to ignore changes. She walked me out and told me to have a great day. The sun is shining, I still had some money on a Starbucks gift card and I now have a clean bill of health. Life is good. Kindness is free. We should sprinkle it around a little more freely. Share some joy with someone!

Peace be with you on your journey of enough. You know your own body the best. Advocate for yourself and do not feel bad about doing so.

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