What the cluck?

This is Noodle chicken. Pepper is behind her and Daisy is in the back. They are part of the flock of nine hens at our farm. Noodle is wondering why I’m taking pictures of her. Pepper is trying to grow her feathers back. Daisy is annoyed there aren’t more treats. Chickens are funny. They can’t smile but they have a bunch of different cluck noises and expressions. So far, it seems there is a cluck noise when they lay eggs (called the “egg song”), a different cluck when there is danger, a cluck indicating something exciting (like a frog), a cluck when there are treats, a cluck when they see me, a cluck when they are determining “pecking order,” a cluck in the morning and a different one at night. Chicken personalities… who would have thought?

This is Sesame chicken. She is wondering why Noodle was chosen for the first picture. She is usually the last one in the coop at night. She can be kind of sassy and she loves bean plants.

The chickens are pets. I could tell you a story or something specific about each one… even the new ones. They are as unique as you and I.

So why a “fluff piece” on a Tuesday? These ladies were the back drop to my interview for the Wise Wild Woman conference next week. It’s a free virtual conference with several of the authors from our book along with other amazing women. Of course I talk about my chickens a little. You’ll probably be able to see them peeking around – looking for snack.

Women sharing stories of healing and connection creates safety and opportunity for others women to show up and rise. Join us for the call of the wild ones in this virtual conference for women. I’m excited to be a part of the change we are seeking in the world today, I hope you can join us! Come receive, learn, relax, laugh, and connect with us!


I also have some books in stock from our book launch! Message me at mavisfrueh@journeyofenough.com to get your copy today.

Peace be with you on your journey of enough. Hope you will be able to join us in the conference and hear from these amazing wise wild women!

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