Sometimes we try to hold on so tight… we forget to ask for support.

What does support mean to you? My mentor asked a group of us “what does support look like for you?” Do you need just to talk it out? Do you need someone to sit quietly with you? Do you need some space alone? Do you need to write it out? Do you need someone to give you a hug or hold your hand? There is no wrong answer.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in making sure other people are ok, that we don’t express what we need for ourselves. What support do WE need? It’s not selfish to think about it. It’s helpful to those around you if they know how they can support you. It can be a different answer, depending on the person. For me, it was a difficult question to answer. I hadn’t given it much thought. I mean, aren’t I just supposed to help and support other people? (The answer is “no”.)

I’ve written about it before, but it’s always good to have a reminder- reach out. If you are in need of support, ask specifically, let people help, and don’t feel bad for asking. Recently, I reached out to a few friends. I was not ok that day. I didn’t need to be fixed or helped and I couldn’t be hugged by them. I just needed to feel supported. I have friends and family and friends of family going through cancer during Covid. What a scary time… so many changes, so much more isolation. They still need support, it just looks different than before. Instead of visits in person, maybe we can support with Zoom calls, care packages or cards and letters. As always, you can pray for them. You can do this at any time and any place. It costs $0, and when multiplied can create miracles.

Support means something different to each person, and it’s different depending on the person supporting you. My friend supports me by letting me vent a either via text or phone call. My guys support me by giving me a hug. My sisters will pray for me. I have friends who will send me positive thoughts (& really mean it, not empty “thoughts & prayers.”) If any of them asked for similar support, I would NOT think they were bothering me or being needy. I would be happy to support them- and they do the same for me.

I wish you peace on your journey of enough. We could all use a little support right now. Think about what that means to you, and let your loved ones know. You are enough!

2 thoughts on “Support…

  1. Jenny

    So very well said once again. People are being affected by Covid in so many sad and life changing ways. We need to be lifted up. Thank you! You Are Enough. I got that kindness message today telling me I was missed at the PAES Lab by a student and the Sped teacher and it really touched me.

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