Don’t assume…

You know what they say about “assume”? Yep, it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” That might be a little harsh for this story, but you get the idea – we shouldn’t assume anything.

Recently, we started taking our produce and baked goods to the local Farmers Market. For three years, we’ve worked our land, expanded our growing area and learned new techniques. We knew we wanted to do this. We knew it was our plan, and we had the land for it. It doesn’t come right away though. It takes time. Something that’s difficult for kids to understand… waiting. Our boys grumbled at the work involved but they helped anyway. Our first garden here in MN was eaten by rabbits and deer. Then the 6″ fence went up… no more deer. Part of the land used to be a road. Part of the land used to be a burn pit. It’s all been transformed. It’s grown and expanded, mostly by hand. Weeds removed, fences and planters put up. Slowly it started to take shape. This year we were finally ready to make it happen.

When we did our first market, I assumed that the lack of interest from the boys would carry forward. The youngest can be a bit of a complainer and procrastinator. I assumed he wouldn’t like it. I should know better. Don’t assume. He counted every cucumber and Krispie treat. He wrote down every sale. He talked with other vendors about growing techniques and types of plants and varieties of beans and cucumbers. He became our inventory control person. And he saw that we sold stuff… the fruits of our labor. He paid attention to what other vendors brought and what was popular. I assumed my teenage son wouldn’t be interested in this venture. I was wrong.

How many times do we assume something about others without giving them a chance? Do you assume you know someone else’s story or struggle? Do you ever stereotype your kids and not give them a chance to expand themselves? Do you ever do that with yourself? Do you ever assume you’ll be bad at something so you don’t even try? Do you ever assume that it’s not worth the risk, so why put yourself out there? I sure have.

  • I assume nobody would pay me to write, so I write a blog each week, for free.
  • I assume nobody would want to hear me speak & tell my story, so I don’t even try.
  • I assume people won’t find me interesting, so I don’t attempt to make new friends.
  • I assume people will judge my house, so I don’t have much company.
  • I assume I’ll just end up at this same weight, so I stop trying to diet.

The list could go on, but you get the idea. When we assume, we aren’t even giving them/us a chance. We figure we already know how the story will end, so we don’t even start. What if we did the thing we’ve always wanted to do? What if we took the leap, wrote the book, talked to the new person, or invited someone new to coffee? What if we opened our hearts?

We assume we know our own story and we already know the ending. God’s not done with us though. His plans are greater than ours. He made us each with a special purpose. Our soul knows what we are supposed to do. That thing that lights you up and makes you smile? Yeah, that. Often times we think we know better. We assume we are in control and we already have it figured out. But what if there was more? What if we allowed abundance and joy and prosperity in, instead of assuming we weren’t worthy? Wow. Amazing things could happen… things we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

I wish you peace on your journey of enough. May your only assumptions be positive ones…imagine the possibilities!

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