More Joy…

We recently spent 3 days at Disneyland. We went mainly to see my niece perform with her high school choir. It was also a great reason to see my sister & both nieces and a nice escape from a chilly MN winter. On February 2nd, our Disneyland plans were in question. Would we still go, even with Myles’ broken leg? Would the 3 of us go and leave him at home? We decided to go, and with some modifications, we were determined to make it work. You can board the plane first, but storing crutches is a challenge. You can rent a wheelchair at Disneyland, but getting up to the gate takes a while. You can get in a separate line at most rides, but if you have a full leg cast, you’ll need someone to help you in. It’s not an ideal situation but you can do it. Which part of the sentence do you focus on?

There is a Disney movie, Inside out, from 2015. The main character is a little girl from MN who has to move with her family to a new city. The emotions are like characters in her head: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Joy is the one pictured above. She is the leader of the rest, but depending on the situation, any of them can take over. Joy has a spunky, upbeat attitude. I purchased 3 different Joys at Disneyland. One pin came with the Sadness character- we traded that for a different pin and traded another one for the Joy head on the left. I also got a pressed penny with Joy on it. (I currently cannot find that Joy) I wore one of the pins on the left side of my shirt – I wore my “Joy.” I wanted to get a stuffed Joy, but I wasn’t sure I could fit the Joy in my bags.

  • It rained off and on and was chilly for part of the time, but still 30-60 degrees warmer than back home. If you listened to other people in line or walking around, you could often hear who was steering their ship at the time.
    • Someone with a bag in the “no bag line”
      Kid running away from parents
      People with umbrellas or ponchos
      People without umbrellas getting wet
      Someone at the end of a 200 minute ride wait
      The girl in the Ariel outfit in line for the Little Mermaid ride
      The little boy in the Storm trooper outfit by the Star Wars ride
      Kids eating ice cream, even though it was raining

    Who is steering your ship? Does Joy drive or does Disgust take over? Is Joy hidden when Anger takes over? Does Fear lead the show? Sometimes we need someone to help us get back on track. My husband tried to bring more Joy by pushing Myles in a wheelchair and doing wheelies. He also made noises and had him take a picture by the “Cast members only” sign – get it? Cast? Ha ha.

    Joy drives his ship most of the time. Sometimes it annoys me, but mostly I’m thankful. On your Journey of Enough, I hope you have a variety of emotions. There is a time for each of them, but hopefully Joy can take the lead. Peace be with you on your journey of enough… may you find more Joy.

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