Are you resisting the good?

This photo came up on my Facebook feed today. I remember this day. Our youngest son was 4. He was not a fan of Santa. Each year, we went to Santa Village in Fargo. It was an old farm that was made into a “park” for the Fargo Park District. Every year for Christmas, they set up a model train in the barn, made crafts, decorated cookies with Mrs.Claus, saw the reindeer, wrote letters to Santa and got to visit with him. The visiting part didn’t always go well. Some years, we had to wait in a long line to visit with Santa. He always wore over-all’s since he was at the farm. He wasn’t in his red suit until Christmas, of course. He had white hair and glasses and was soft spoken.

Myles was not a fan of any kind of mascots or life size cartoon characters & he wasn’t a fan of Santa. You can see my husband laughing hysterically & our other son with a big grin like “I’m getting his presents too!” We went back later and tried again. This time, he sat on his lap and even gave him a hug.

It made me think – how many times do we resist something good just because it’s scary. Have you ever passed up an opportunity because you didn’t want to go outside your comfort zone? Have you ever stayed away from someone unfamiliar? What if they were like Santa? A little scary at first, but really kind hearted. What if there was a great gift waiting for you but you were too stuck in your ways to check it out? Next time you encounter an opportunity, think of Santa. Just maybe don’t scream or cry like our son did.

Peace be with you on your journey of enough. Ho ho ho.

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