Not summer yet…

So, our ND friends are done with school, but we aren’t. There’s still 6 (now 5) days left… so it’s not quite summer yet for us. That’s ok. My kids will eventually forgive me for making them have the LONGEST school year ever! The photo above is my “before” picture of one of the plantings at our new place. The previous owners kind of neglected the landscaping. It just needs some love, some knee pads and a strong back. There is something so satisfying about a project where you can easily see your progress. It makes it easier to want to keep going. Do you have a similar experience? A project that takes some work, but really makes a noticeable difference? Maybe it’s a relationship that just needs some extra attention? There are plenty of other things that I could have been doing tonight, but I took some time to pay attention to my overgrown grass. What a difference a couple of hours made. I can’t wait to see it complete. Here is one side almost done.

You can actually see the rocks and plants. When we take the time to clear away the clutter and overgrown grass, we reveal beauty… in landscaping & in life. The toxic weeds and some old branches removed will allow the plants to flourish. They can see more sun, get more nutrients from the soil and really thrive. 

Sometimes we need someone to help us clear away our “weeds.” We need to get rid of the things that are blocking our sunshine and we will flourish. May you find a good gardener on your journey of enough... or may you be that gardener for someone else. We are all in this together, we might as well help each other see the sun. 

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