What’s your hurdle?

I’ve been to a few track meets lately, and it got me thinking. (Hang in there, it’s not all about track) Our son started running hurdles this year. He had attempted it last year but just couldn’t quite get the hang of it. This year, he tried again and has been doing well. 

Hurdles are a scary thing. Not everyone can master the art of jumping over a metal/wood bar while running an all out sprint. Typically the number of kids in hurdles dwindles throughout the track season. It’s hard. It’s hard to get your mind around the right number of steps, leaping at the right time, landing gracefully & doing it again quickly. Some kids who fall or knock them over just walk off and don’t finish the race. Others push through. He pushed through. He fell on one of his first meets but got up and finished and did the 100m dash after it. I’m impressed. I know he’s my son, but the fact that he didn’t give up made me proud. He was determined to finish and improve. 

We all face hurdles of some kind… things we run up to but then stop short. We don’t leap over it. We walk off the track when we fall instead of getting back up. What’s your hurdle? A job? A move? A diet? A relationship? An addiction? How will you face those hurdles? 

My current hurdle is my weight. Stress eating and lack of exercise has left me overweight. According to BMI, I’m obese. I don’t feel obese but I am overweight. I’m torn between wanting to be healthy and loving cookies. I know that belly fat increases a bunch of other health issues. I know what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. Then the “life is too short” feeling comes in and I eat the cookies. Except for this week. I’ve avoided track meet food, ice cream and candy. I’ve had a great cheerleader, my husband. He knows that when I’m healthier, I’m happier and more confident. He’s supporting and encouraging me, just like at the track meets. He’s helping me to jump over the hurdle because he knows that it could lead to a longer life. 

Prayer, for me, is also helpful. I pray for the strength to make healthy choices, for the elusive will power, and for health. Whatever your hurdle, I hope you have a cheerleader. I hope you have someone encouraging you to keep going, to get up if you fall & to cross that finish line.  Remember that God is the best cheerleader. He wants you to be happy. Rely on him. 

As marathon week in Fargo approaches and track season winds to an end, I will leave you with one of my favorite verses:

Hebrews 12:1 Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Peace be with you on your journey of enough. 

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