The cat is out of the bag…

The cat is out of the bag… We are moving!  On Monday this week, we made the announcement that I got a new job in Alexandria, MN and will be moving. I became pretty “un-popular.” I thought that I might get something thrown at me when we went to the volleyball game that night. I was taking away their Mr. Frueh, and their buddies. How could I? Were we really moving in November?! Yep. Exciting! 

Life has taken many unexpected turns but this is a big one. Over the past few days, we have tried to start packing, reducing/purging and throwing. It’s a whirlwind of dates, forms, changes and lists. Today we took the kids to tour a couple of schools. Dallas will be in a middle school with a class of 300 instead of 48. Myles has 6 elementary options so his school depends on where we find a house. We don’t have a place to go to yet and aren’t ready to show our house yet. The nice thing is that the new company is relocating us. That will take some of the stress off but there are still a lot of logistics to work out.  Dallas has figured out that there is no fishing team there yet, learned what kind of fish are in the area, and found out they have a trap shooting team. Myles is relieved to have seen the playground options, and is really hoping to get a cat.

It will be scary and exciting and new.  It will be a new journey for our whole family. Great things are in store on my journey of enough.

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