Yesterday was our official book launch. It was overwhelming, full of emotion and magic. Our book became an Amazon best seller in 9 categories. All 23 women did live solo events and shared as though they were talking to an old friend.

I did my live event after work, in the back yard, holding a chicken (Butterscotch ended up laying an egg while I was holding her). I took the viewers on a tour of the garden area and sat by the chickens in the trees. I felt like I probably talked in circles, but hopefully gave people a sense of the real me. This whole experience is new and different and a little scary. I suddenly went from just a small blog following to a bunch of people seeing and hearing me.

I feel like I stepped through a door, yet my regular life continues. Celebration delayed due to work and graduation prep, youngest son’s birthday etc. The day was amazing and hopefully soon I can fully celebrate the accomplishment.

You can order a hard copy book from me if you’d like. The Amazon book sales go towards the primary author but we can sell copies ourselves. Retail is $18.88 but $22 covers shipping. I’m so thankful for my readers, friends and relatives who support me in this project. I hope you love the book as much as I do! (PayPal link is below, but you can reach out and order via Venmo also)


Wild Woman Book of Shadows

Our Amazon best selling book is available here! The magic of nature, the moon, and the seasons had a profound effect on Melissa Kim Corter growing up. Mystical experiences unfolded in the simplest of moments. Rocks and trees were animated with life; the moon listened to her stories while the Earth held her as she stumbled through life as an empath (feeling everything so deeply). As she began to morph and adapt to the adolescent changes of life, magical views were stripped away until only a fragment of her imagination. She was lost and floundered until she awakened the wild, wise woman within. This book contains women who “know” truth through feeling and sensation without the need for evidence or approval. This collective includes women who own their light and release the opinions of others. It features women who have forged a path, and refuse to settle out of fear. The wise, wild woman lives in our bones and rises up through the core; she has an unapologetic desire to reflect this potential to those who feel called to welcome her. My chapter is called “Journey to Joy” and talks about two of the things that bring me joy and a little bit of my background story. The pages within are filled with powerful women who share a desire to live an enchanted life and connect you to the intuitive knowing you hold. In the Wild Woman’s Book of Shadows, Melissa Kim Corter and 22 magical women offer stories, tips, formulas, and wisdom to awaken and connect you to your own inner wisdom. They invite you to join them in sharing the most potent medicine of all … the reclamation of enchantment.


I will end as I usually do – wishing you peace on your ‘journey of enough,’ and thanking you for being a part of my journey to joy. Life is short – do something to bring joy to yourself and others. Next week, I’ll be back to non-book related posts, but you can order anytime or reach out if you have questions.

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