My nephews have started calving. Hundred of babies will soon fill their farm. I few weeks ago, I had posted about them lambing. Now they have lambs and calves. I grew up with both when I was little. We had a small “hobby farm” right in the edge of our small town. We had a handful of cattle and sheep. Enough to keep us busy. Enough to help me appreciate the hard work and care that goes into raising livestock.

I love the feel of new calves’ hair… Soft and curly. I love to watch them chase each other and play tag. I learned a lot from having cattle. When my husband and I were either dating or newly married, we drove by a pasture of cattle. They were all standing in the corner. I said, “it’s going to rain.” He wondered what I was talking about. Cattle gather in the corner before a storm. I’m not sure if the science behind it, but it happens. Another time, there was a group of calves with one cow by them. I remarked, “it’s the babysitter cow.” He thought I was nuts. “There is no such thing as a babysitter cow!” Um, yeah, there is. One cow stays by the calves while the other moms are off eating or something. 

He joked with me, “you should write a book on your cow observations & call it mooances.” I doubt it will be a best seller, since those were my main two observations. Why am I writing about cows? Observation. How often do we go through the motions of our day without really observing what’s around us? Do we notice nature around us? Do we pay attention to our natural roles? We all have a talent or passion for something that leads us to do what we were called to do. Whether it’s a hobby or your job, do something that makes you happy. The next time that someone says, “you’re really good at ___,” take that to heart. It might just be the path that you are supposed to follow. And the next time that you see a pasture of cows & calves, look for the babysitter.

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