Chicken doodles…

These are our 10 baby chickens. We got them the end of May. This is our first time having chickens. Prior to moving to Minnesota, the only pets we ever had were gold fish and beta fish. We’ve added a cat and now 10 chickens (we had a little turtle for a while but he didn’t make it.) We kept the chicks in the garage until it warmed up a little more and they could be in their outside coop. This made for an interesting situation with the cat…

It’s actually been better than I thought. The cat has not tried to eat the chickens. He leaves them alone most of the time. Occasionally, he will stare at them from his perch. He has been a little jealous of his chicken garage mates. “Why are they so cute? Why do they get a xylophone?”

They’ve grown so much in just a few weeks. Now they are in their outside coop with a little area to run in the daytime. We are still learning more about them. Now the cat kind of ignores the chickens if he’s outside. They all have names and one was named by my aunt in Texas. (Their names are Hawk, Butterscotch, Daisy, Henrietta, Col.Sanders, Cluck Norris, Sesame, Teryaki, Noodle and Fancy Pants)

I never knew they would have neat personalities. I worry about them when it storms. I know which ones like to eat out of your hand and which ones like to sit on your lap. They are softer than I could have imagined.

Why chickens?

  • We have the land/area for it.
  • We only have 1 neighbor.
  • They eat bugs.
  • I’ve always wanted to raise chickens.
  • We will know what’s in their feed and will have eggs in a few months.
  • I think it’s a good thing to be able to raise and care for an animal.
  • It teaches compassion and responsibility.
  • They make me feel young.

I never imagined my journey would include chickens. My dad thinks I’m silly. (Often reminds me of how cheap eggs are in the store) One of my sisters is not a fan of birds in general, but she is happy for me. My point in sharing my chicken story? Be open to new possibilities… it may just open your heart. I’m excited for all we will learn from our back yard chicken doodles. What new thing will you invite into your life?

Peace be with you on your journey of enough. If chicken xylophones make you laugh, go for it. Life’s short… make it an adventure!

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