You never know what will stick…

9 years ago, my nephew (& husband) took my oldest son ice fishing. Cameron was convinced that if Dallas was out in the cold, not catching fish, that the experience would make him not want to ice fish again & he’d be off the hook (so to speak) for future requests. But that’s not what happened. Within minutes of their ice fishing expedition, Dallas caught a Northern almost as big as he was (he was 5yrs old). The smile on his face says it all. He was hooked!! He told me that it must be a world record. To him, it was. He has loved fishing of all kinds and has spent many hours in ice houses over the past year.

You never know what will “stick”… what things your kids will end up loving. They don’t come with a manual or instruction guide. You both learn as you go. Each kid is different. Just because one loves something doesn’t mean the other will. Dallas loves fishing but Myles only likes it if he’s catching. Dallas would sit in a boat or an ice house for hours on end (and has) & Myles would rather play in the snow or sand, play with sticks or hunt for frogs. Myles even made his own “pole” out of a stick, some line and a hook and called it The Fish Stick. He actually caught fish with it more than once.

I’m certainly not an expert in children, but I think it’s important to give them a variety of experiences to see what sticks. They won’t know what they love if they don’t get to try a bunch of things. Myles recently started guitar lessons. He’s not really into sports, partially because he’s just not competitive. He loves guitar. The smile on his face when he learned to play was like Dallas catching his big Northern. He loves to draw and create things. Dallas is into all things outdoors and hunting. If he said he was going to live in a cabin in the woods when he grows up, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

As adults, we aren’t too old to try something new either. Maybe it’s a painting class or archery or yoga or snowshoeing… you might just find your new favorite thing. It’s easy for us to get stuck in a rut… to repeat our days because it’s comfortable & safe. But, what if you tried something new (food or activity). You might just find something that sticks, or you might open up ideas for someone else. So, I challenge you to try something new or expose your kids to something new. Peace be with you on your journey of enough & I hope you find your new favorite thing!

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