Glitter everywhere…

I think when you move to Minnesota, the keys to your new house should come with a chainsaw. I imagine someone in a plaid shirt just grinning and handing it to you saying, “You’re gonna need this!” Since May, my husband, Cameron has been sawing up dead trees (& some that he just didn’t like). He’s gotten a lot of use out of his safety gear from Father’s Day too. It was all practice for today. There was a storm that went through our area last night. It was actually two storms, rain, hail and 70 mph winds. The sky turned dark and the clouds swirled above. Tornado sirens went off and the alarms on our phones went off too. I was still at work at the time, so I had to go to the tornado shelter area. I went home in between the two storms & made it to the basement. 

Today our yard was filled with thousands of pine cones, lots of branches and a few trees. One happened to land on our garage. The rain soaked ground couldn’t hold the giant tree in the 70 mph winds. Today the clean up began for us and many neighbors. The sound of chainsaws filled the humid air. The “Minnesota Glitter” (sawdust) was everywhere. Our boys got a workout today hauling branches and logs out of the way. 

Areas of North Dakota have been praying for rain. I wish we could have sent some their way. I’m just thankful that nobody was injured. We all were safe in the basement last night and even got to watch a movie together. Today our bonding was over tree branches, bug spray and water breaks. We will have plenty of wood for fires and branches to make into wood chips. 

Storms of life take on all forms. Sometimes it’s an actual storm and sometimes it’s a struggle of a different kind. May you find shelter in your storm, whatever form it’s in. Peace be with you on your journey… & keep an eye out for the glitter!

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