Just a bunch of duck feet…

You’ve seen them before… they appear to glide effortlessly along the water. They bob along with the waves but don’t get tossed under. Ducks. Beneath the surface, their duck feet are going fast. They are moving quickly to either go forward or treading water. That’s the part that you don’t see. That’s the part that we don’t see in each other – the duck feet. 

We all have them, but they are all different. They are different between people and even different depending on the day. Lately, my duck feet have been working on trying to get us moved (again). This time, we are moving to a house. It’s awesome & exciting and a lot of work. That means that everything has to be cancelled at the rental house and started up at the new one. People at work don’t see my duck feet. They don’t see the lists on my phone, on Post-it notes or in my head. They don’t know about the 85 van loads back and forth between the rental and the new place. I’m not complaining, I just think we all need to be aware of the hidden battles that each of us is facing. Some are health issues, kid issues, relationship, dependencies, anxiety, work, finances… the list goes on and on. We all have the duck feet, just trying to stay afloat. And while this isn’t anything new, we still see those ducks floating by and think they are graceful & don’t have any troubles. We do the same with people – we think they have it all together. We don’t take the time to look beneath the surface. Sometimes it’s because we can’t – we are too consumed with our own feet that we don’t see anyone else’s.

I encourage you to look beneath the surface & take some time to care about your fellow ducks. We are all in this together. Peace be with you on your journey of enough.

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