Honeymoons & snow days…

Ha ha, did I get your attention? Well, it’s not that kind of honeymoon … it’s the honeymoon of being new to the area/school/job instead of new to marriage. We are on a new journey of enough. We made it through our first 2 weeks at work and schools. You know what I learned? A few things…1) Kids are way more resilient than we give them credit for. 2) Candy at your desk makes you more approachable & is a great conversation starter. 3) An employee store with cheap post-its, tape & command hooks is like having Black Friday every Wednesday. 4) A double oven made cookie baking much quicker – I miss mine. 5) Home is wherever you are together with your family. 

Many of the boxes have been unpacked, the garage has been organized just in time for the first blizzard (thanks to Cam), and we are getting settled into our new area. We have found the grocery store, tried some new places to eat & toured several homes. We even went to a winery and did wine tasting. We still need to find a Dr, dentist, orthodontist & hairdresser, but we will get there eventually. The nice thing about moving 2 hrs away, is that it’s only 2 hrs – there isn’t much “culture shock.” There is a Target store, Menards, Fleet Farm, Culver’s and Zorbaz, so there is enough of the familiar to make things seem more normal. 

Today was the first snow day that the boys have had in a while. The last few winters have been more mild, so I don’t remember when the last snow day was. At 6am, it seemed like they might have overreacted, but by 8am, it was really snowing and blowing. By 2pm, my car was a snow drift in the parking lot and it was a challenge to get home. Our rental house is on the lake and it’s hilly (especially compared to ND). The boys asked to go outside, so they found their snow gear, climbed up the tiny garage attic ladder to find the sleds, and headed out. The wind blew 30-50 mph, and we got 8-12″ of thick, wet snow. They spent 2-3 hours outside making snowballs, sledding and videoing their adventures. They had a blast. They were enjoying the snow and even each other. In their video, Myles said, “I love Minnesota!” Dallas said, “So, this is winter in Minnesota,” like we had moved somewhere exotic. 

While I know there will be challenges ahead, I’m pleased with how things are going so far. Our journey will no doubt take us on ups and downs, but we are together. I am grateful for our past experiences, thankful for where we are now and hopeful for what is to come.

Peace be with you on your journey of enough.

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