A good anniversary …

This is us, 21 yrs ago… just a couple of kids in love. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I’ve written a lot about my cancer anniversaries, but this one is a “good anniversary.” 21 years ago, I was anxiously awaiting our wedding day. I wasn’t nervous or getting cold feet, I was just excited… ready to start our life together. This year, on the night before our anniversary, I made 6 trays of bars for a friend’s funeral/celebration of life. I am reminded of how lucky I am to get to spend each day with my husband, and I realize how many times I take that for granted. 

Don’t get me wrong, our marriage isn’t perfect. We have our differences, but the good far out weighs the bad. Our “Rice-a-Roni days” make us appreciate being able to buy groceries. Our struggle with infertility makes us appreciate our kids. Our sickness, cancer and broken bones makes us appreciate our health. 

Sometimes we feel like we want to protect our kids from these types of things, but we won’t be able to. And we shouldn’t want to. They will need their own “buying bread with pennies and quarters” days. They will experience heart break and rejection and loss. I want the best for my kids, but I also want them to experience life. I want them to have compassion for others and know what it means to be a good friend. I hope they find someone who treats them well. I hope they pay attention to how their dad treats me. I hope they use that example to treat their significant other the same way one day. 

Laugh every day. Love deeply. Make someone else’s day. These 3 things might as well have been said at our wedding. It’s what Cameron seems to live by on a daily basis. Yep, I’m still in love after 21 years. The more years go by, the more I appreciate how rare and special that is. Our pastor said of Cameron, “He’s a little bit crazy…” during our wedding sermon. I thought our best man was going to fall off the stairs laughing. It’s true, but it’s great – and it’s good enough for me. I’m thankful to be good enough for him. Cheers to many more years ahead. 

Peace be with you on your journey of enough.

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