This past weekend was the Shrine Circus in Fargo. I remember going as a kid. One year, I won the coloring contest for school so we got free tickets. We didn’t go every year, so it was kind of a treat to go. Back then, it was in the Bison Sports arena (no Fargodome yet.) I don’t remember all of the acts, just bits and pieces. I’m pretty sure there were a bunch of clowns in a car, some kind of high wire act and animals.

This year, our school gave out tickets to the kids for general admission and a cotton candy. Our 13 year old had no interest in the circus. Our 9 year old really really wanted to go. I agreed to go with him and we met up with some friends. As we walked into the Fargodome, we wound our way around to the north side general admission section. As soon as he saw the cotton candy stand, he used his coupon for free (blue) spun sugar, with the intent to share with the two little girls we were meeting up with. We walked past the stand with light up trinkets, swords and twirling princess-like spinners. He said to me, “Mom, we never get the light up stuff. I’d really like a sword.” We found some seats and saved some for our friends. I let him go back down and look at the light up toys. He ran back up the stairs with excitement… “I found it! I found the one I want!” Now, I’m a bit of a softie for my kids, but we normally don’t give in for those kind of things. I’m sure they only last a little while and then they break. We did get free tickets to get in, so I agreed to the sword. He ran back up the stairs with a big smile and a light up blue sword with an eye sticker on it. “Mom, it’s a swordfish. Get it? Sword Fish?!” 

What made me cave on Sunday? Because my 13 year old had no desire to go to the Circus. This means my days of circus type events are dwindling. If a $10 sword can make my little guy’s day & be a fun memory, then it was well worth the $10. The past year has really emphasized the importance of spending time with them and making memories. We never know how many chances we will get. I’m not good with taking time for myself. I realize that it’s supposed to actually make me a better mom if I would. I’d rather spend it at the circus with tigers and cotton candy and blue swords. 

Aside from the friends, sword & cotton candy, the high points for the 9 year old was when the elephant had a giant “accident” in the center ring & the trick motocross bikes. The look on his face is priceless- while his friend is worried about the bikers, you can just see Myles thinking, “woah, that’s awesome!” And that was totally worth it. 


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