Too Short

I’m not talking about my height, although I could be. At 5’2″, I come up with some creative ways of reaching the top shelf in my kitchen. It usually involves a really long BBQ tongs. My blog post though is based on the very common “life is too short” statement. This is usually one of the first things that people say when some tragic life event has happened. It is a trigger to remind us that our time here on Earth is small. “Someday” will never come – there won’t be a better time than now.

“If only I lost 20lbs”… then life would be better. What if your 20lb loss comes as a result of an illness or a stressful situation? – does that still make it great? If you are hoping for a new car, but that comes about as a result of your current car dying and needs to be replaced, then is it as exciting? When we ask repeatedly for something, it may not come in the manner that we had in mind.

Our prayers don’t come with disclaimers. Our youngest son was in the NICU shortly after he was born. It was a rough pregnancy, and he stopped breathing less than 24 hrs after he was born. He was rushed to the NICU, and was blue on more than one occasion. He had a ton of tests done. We prayed a lot. We prayed for strength for him. We prayed for him to fight to live. Luckily, he was able to come home after a couple of weeks. We never knew why he stopped breathing, but it hasn’t happened since. He’s 9 now. He has a strong personality and can be stubborn at times.  Many times we’ve said “when we prayed for him to be tough, we didn’t know it would last this long”.

We rarely know our fate or how long we have. I am guilty of trying to plan way ahead. I guess I just assumed I would live to be 95 like my grandma. While I haven’t lived the last year like I was dying, it has certainly made me more aware of my mortality. Life really is too short. Take the trip, live your dreams, hug your family, forgive your neighbor  & love more. Peace be with you on your journey of enough. 


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