Where do we go from here?

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, having surgery, radiation, breaking my foot and having a hysterectomy, I felt the need to continue writing. The journaling through CaringBridge was very therapeutic to me and helpful to my family. It was a great place to keep people informed of my health status and updates. Now that I am moving beyond the active treatment phase, I am hoping that my continued positive attitude and insights can be helpful in some way. My blog name of “Positively Hopeful” was already taken, so with the help of others, I came up with “Journey of Enough”. While my cancer journey was one part of my life, it’s only one part. We are all on a journey of some kind and I’m guessing we’ve all felt ‘not quite enough’ at times. Not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, thin enough, fit enough, kind enough – you get the idea. We sell ourselves short in a lot of ways (no pun intended – I’m only 5’2″ so I am short). We sell ourselves short in the fact that we don’t give ourselves credit for the good that we do. We don’t allow ourselves to be less than perfect, and in some ways that can be very damaging. Let’s change that. Let’s love where we are and encourage others along the way.

Follow me on my journey of enough.

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